Student Activities


CLEAR is focused on providing and promoting opportunities that support community, leadership, empowerment, achievement and resiliency. CLEAR co-founders have developed a foundation for providing extracurricular activities and programs that support our mission, vision and core beliefs with feedback from our board and advisory council. The following extracurricular activities will be offered along with other programs that are developed by the initial professional team and CLEAR community of learners.  

Community Service

Students in K - 6th grades will have the opportunity to join CLEAR’s community service organization where students will participate in both school and community projects that support giving to and helping others. Teachers will lead these activities as these are components of CLEAR’s FCL model. The community service organization will meet monthly. 


Students in 3rd - 6th grades will have the opportunity to participate in CLEAR’s choir. The choir will be led by CLEAR’s music teacher and will participate in both school and outside events. CLEAR’s students will participate in choir practice and/or activities on a weekly basis. 

Student Council

Students in 3rd - 6th grade will be able to be a part of CLEAR’s student council. This group of students will represent the student body in making choices about the CLEAR community and school. A student council representative will be identified once 3rd grade is added in the 2nd year. The student council will meet monthly.

And More

Science Fairs, Sports/Field Days, STEAM Nights, Curriculum Events, After-School Activities

CLEAR will consult with community partners in order to identify other resources that may support future programs such as after school programs and health and wellness programs.