Mission, Vision, Core Beliefs

CLEAR's Mission


  CLEAR is a community that empowers personalized learning and achievement through choice, leadership, and resiliency in a rapidly approaching future.  

 CLEAR es una comunidad que permite el aprendizaje y el éxito a través de la elección, el liderazgo y la resiliencia para el futuro que se aproxima rápidamente. 

CLEAR's Vision


CLEAR will open the doors to a learning environment that surrounds itself with passion, desire, and persistence through five key components. Within our name emerges themes that clearly define who we are and what we will provide to accomplish what we believe. Our students deserve every opportunity to become master learners, allowing their talents and gifts to be at the forefront of their education. The five key components which exemplify CLEAR include; community, leadership, empowerment, achievement and resiliency.

Built into everyday life at CLEAR, the community will be the key component to developing and fostering a love for learning as well as a desire to engage in self-determined learning that matters to them. From staff to students, parents, friends surrounding neighbors, business owners, volunteers and all interested in building relationships to foster a culture of continual learning, CLEAR will be at the forefront of this community. 

Leadership opportunities will be fostered in a way that brings out the best in each individual. Every student has a gift, talent or passion that can be ignited and shared among the community. These opportunities will instill confidence and a belief that they can achieve anything. Through a whole-school transformation model, our learners will continually strive to not only foster their own leadership abilities but to share those successes with the community. CLEAR envisions the creation of a leadership community from the inside out that empowers all students to offer input on all aspects of school decision making.

CLEAR believes that teaching and learning through empowerment engages students in learning which provides opportunities for students to become lifelong learners. Through choice and collaboration, students will be encouraged to design, produce, experiment, research, communicate and teach within the CLEAR community. Students at CLEAR will be empowered to explore their interests through inquiry based learning so that they may develop a mindset for learning that not only impacts their future and achievement but also empowers others within the community and world.

CLEAR’s expectations will be high which leads to achievement. To reach their academic potential, students will be challenged to make choices about their own learning. These choices will guide students through the study of literature, the sciences, the arts, mathematics and social-emotional well-being. CLEAR will set the foundation through modeling and guidance from master learners within the community. Students will begin to develop and take ownership over the process of learning which encourages interest, passion, motivation, creativity, desire  and resiliency. As this grows, students will develop passions and interests and turn those into effective learning experiences.

The students of CLEAR will build resiliency through learning opportunities which allow them to think independently, solve problems and communicate with others. While exploring their passions and interests, students will be encouraged to take risks, refocus their challenges and learn through making mistakes. The CLEAR community will model resilience, optimism, supportive relationships, and a growth mindset. Social and emotional well-being will be cultivated through social and emotional learning, school and classroom community dialogues and restorative practices. It is our belief that mindset, mindfulness, will and determination build resiliency that will influence the success and future of our students at CLEAR.

CLEAR's Core Beliefs


We will accomplish our Mission and Vision by embracing CLEAR’s core beliefs.

  • Students at CLEAR have the right to reach their learning potential. 
  • Teachers will facilitate high academic achievement by being master learners and empowering students to become master learners.
  • Parents/Guardians take responsibility for our school supporting each other as a community and protecting the rights of each child.
  • The community will be the fabric that holds the values and beliefs together for long term sustainability.

CLEAR’s belief will be that through a community partnership all children will maximize their potential for learning.