How to support CLEAR


As part of a charter start-up in the State of Texas and developing a functioning school, initial funding is left up to the founders of the charter until 30 days after students are served.

CLEAR is seeking to obtain $350,000-500,000. These funds cover initial start-up costs including but not limited to textbooks, technology, furniture and equipment, facilities, marketing, recruitment of students and staff, limited school staffing and working capital. 

CLEAR is also seeking $300,000 to support early literacy through Children's Literacy Intitiative (CLI) and other programs that support innovative teaching and learning such as leadership and teacher/mentor growth programs, computer science and coding, STEAM and Fine Arts.

CLEAR Contact

Jason Harris, Co-Founder


Ginny Janak, Co-Founder


CLEAR Public Charter School

PO Box 1784

San Marcos, TX 78667