Individually Guided Literacy


CLEAR utilizes individually guided literacy instruction through strategic planning and assessments using a literacy block and reading and writing workshop model. We believe that students must experience reading through many different avenues including read alouds, shared reading, phonics, word study, guided reading, writing and literacy stations. 

Learn - Children's Literacy Initiative 

Literacy Education and Resource Network

Fountas and Pinnell

Coding and Computer Science

 Computer science, coding and robotics is an essential part of CLEAR’s academic program. We see these skills laying the foundation for computational thinking which include: Logic, Decomposition, Problem Analysis, Algorithmic Thinking, Pattern Recognition and Abstraction to name a few. These can begin early in a child's life even without computers. CLEAR will use as well as other software, programs and technology support computer science learning and technology. 

Social and Emotional Learning

  At CLEAR we understand that many students may have specific social and emotional needs, limited access to resources that support education and learning as well as limited exposure to vocabulary, life and worldly experiences. We also know there are cultural differences among various groups of students and believe in recognizing those differences as well as the specific needs those students may demonstrate. Our students will participate in at least 15 minutes a day of social and emotional learning and these practices will also be embedded throughout the school culture.   












 Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) will be integrated into every part of the Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge (TEKS). When integrating STEAM, teachers will make connections with the TEKS, curriculum, assessments, lesson design and implementation. Collaborative planning, professional learning communities, alignment of standards, professional development and scheduling will be important factors to implementing STEAM successfully. CLEAR will utilize STEAM Education ( as a resource for cross-curricular instruction and lesson planning. CLEAR’s co-founders have attended a STEAM Education training and are consulting with a STEAM Education specialist in order to support a strong STEAM platform. Reality-based learning as well as service learning will be an important part of STEAM as students are challenged to learn content across all areas through real-life projects while working collaboratively. This type of learning also supports CLEAR’s model of ‘Fostering Communities of Learners’ (FCL).